Why Not To Make A New Years Resolution

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday celebration bringing in the New Year with hope and anticipation for a wonderful 2017.

We had a large family and friend gathering over the New Years weekend.  I overheard one of our guests asking another if they had made any New Years resolutions.  Their answer was they do not make resolutions because over the years they have failed to keep them and it is very frustrating.  They then said something that I think is a great idea.  Instead of making a resolution (A firm decision to do or not to do something) they pick two things they would like to do or learn about in the new year.

What a great idea, pick something that you want to do that you are excited about, make an achievable plan and then begin.  The key is “achievable” plan.  If you would like to learn to paint with watercolors, then you would take a simple beginners course to start.  If you like it, then take another.  No stress, no deadlines, just keep it simple and fun.  Over the past few years my friend has included road trips, sign language, and fitness as some of his New Year picks.

Every New Years Eve thousands of people make resolutions to improve themselves in one way or another.  Approximately 45% of Americans make resolutions.  According to Statistic Brain of that 45% only 46% of keep their resolution six months.  The University of Scranton research suggests that just  8% of people actually achieve the goal of their resolution.

With statistics like above my friend is very smart with how he has chosen to accomplish things each year in his life successfully.

Setting simple goals that we are excited about is one way to complete something and when we do, we feel like tackling something else.


2 thoughts on “Why Not To Make A New Years Resolution

  1. I must agree that many people set New Year’s resolutions too high. For me it is always small steps and goals, those simple goals as you wrote. May we all just do the best that we can. Wishing you good things in 2017!


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