Blowing Problems Out Of Proportion

Problems are always going to happen.  Many times when they do happen we will put the problem under a microscope and magnify it to make it bigger or worse than it really is.

When we blow it out of proportion and lose sight of what the real problem is.  We begin focusing on things that are not part of the immediate problem and create obstacles not solutions.

It would be like if the toilet overflowed and instead of figuring out why the toilet overflowed and fix it, you call a plumber  to re-plumb the entire house instead of focusing on the one toilet.

Tony Robbins gives two great points when it comes to dealing with problems.

  • See the problem for exactly how it is, not less than it is, not worse than it is.
  • Get to the real truth of the problem and then deal with it, get it done and move on.

The next time you have a problem try Tony’s method, it is simple and it will allow you to move forward.

No one likes having problems so getting dealing them quicker will allow you to carry on with your life faster.

Happy Monday!

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