How to Have Effective Communication with Employees

1193408_business_concepts_people_7 More often than not employers, supervisors and managers communicate with their staff members as they would with anyone else they know.  But this may not be the most effective way of communicating with those that you work with, they are not like anyone else. They are people who you work with trying to accomplish a goal that will make for a more profitable and successful business.  We need to really learn how to effectively communicate with those we work with by trying to understand how best they will respond to authority and the commands to accomplish their job duties.  Not all people respond the same when asked to complete a job task, so how can you make the lines of communication clearer with each of your employees to get the tasks done?  There is really only one way and that is by taking the time to ask how they would like to be approached when being asked to do certain things that pertain to their employment.  Take the time to talk to each employee individually (and take notes as they will have different answers) asking them a few simple, but important questions.  The first would be “how do you like being approached when you need to be told to do a certain job task and shown how to do it?”  The second “How would you like to be told when you have made a mistake and need further instruction?”  Thirdly, “How would you like to be told when changes are being made that will affect your job duties?” And finally, “How do you like to be approached when your help is needed to participate in brain-storming for ideas to help our business change and grow?”  Many of the problems we face as business owners or managers is that we do not know how to effective communicate with those we work with, and by asking them how best to communicate with them to get a good response we have overcome a hurdle and can move ahead faster and on a positive note.  Effective communication with employees is like preventative maintenance on your car, you don’t wait until there is a problem, you take care of it before hand so you can avoid problems from happening.


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