Greg Blencoe on Good Management Practices

Greg-Blencoe-photo-200x300 I first want to thank Tina and Jesus for the video review of The Supermanager.  I really enjoyed watching it.  And I really appreciate all of the kind words and support for the book.

After I watched the video review, I started thinking about why good management practices are so important.  And the reason is that they have such a huge impact on so many people’s lives.

Most people spend a large percentage of their lives working.  A person working 40 hours per week with a few weeks off per year will work about 2000 hours per year.  Most people spend more time working than doing anything else except sleeping.

And the relationship that employees have with their manager is typically a very big part of how satisfied they are with their job.  When an employee has a great relationship with their manager, they are much more likely to enjoy their job.  On the other hand, an employee who has an unpleasant relationship with their manager is likely to dread coming to work every day.  This unhappiness can spread to the employee’s family, because people often take negativity at work home with them.

Managers can also struggle when they don’t utilize good management practices.  Low employee morale, motivation, and productivity usually translates to a lot more work and stress for the manager.  These difficulties at work will also likely spread to their home life.

Furthermore, customers are affected by whether or not managers of a business implement good management practices.  A product or service can go up or down in quality depending on the management practices that are utilized.

In addition, the owners of a business are influenced by the management practices that are utilized.  Businesses that thrive under good management can end up closing if they are no longer managed well.  I think the employees that are hired and how they are managed is usually a very big part of whether a business succeeds or not.

Good management practices can make people’s lives so much better, so I hope more and more managers put them into practice.

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13 thoughts on “Greg Blencoe on Good Management Practices

  1. So true what you said about the morale spreading to the home. When someones spends 6 – 8 hours a day in a soul-sapping environment, the ability to change to a positive head space before walking through the door at home is very challenging. In the past, there were times where I simply sat in my car for a few more minutes and deliberately focused on the positives in order to create that mental mind shift. Great post.


    • Laurie,

      Thanks for the kind words. I’m really glad you enjoyed the post. Those types of jobs can truly be miserable. But I think it’s great that you made an effort to stay positive even though that is very difficult to do.


  2. Greg, thank you for being a guest author on our blog today. Your insights into management have been extremely helpful to myself and many others. The Supermanager is a great tool for improving your skills, but not only for managers, everyone in the workforce can improve their work environment by practicing the steps and values you outline in the book. Thank you!


  3. Tina,

    You’re very welcome. I really appreciate the opportunity to write a guest post. And it’s been wonderful connecting with you. You’ve been extremely supportive of The Supermanager and that means so much to me. It motivates me to work hard to spread the word about the book to others.

    Thanks again!


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  5. You’re welcome, Jesus! And thanks for letting me know that the post was shared on Facebook. I’m glad people liked it!


      • Jesus,

        Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve thought about it a little. But I tried one with a blog on another topic that I had in the past and not much happened. People on Facebook seemed to be focusing on more personal things and less business and more “serious” issues. That’s why I’ve mainly focused on blogging and Twitter. Also, I no longer have a Facebook account for personal use. My time is a bit limited right now, so I’ve tried to focus my social media time on blogging and Twitter.


      • Hi Greg. I agree Facebook audiences are more passive and silent. They like small items like quotes, and one item tips.

        However, by syndicating your wordpress and Facebook, items show up on people wall streams.

        I am like a lot of people out there, I can forget to go read blogs, but by seeing items popup on my FB stream I get notice and read the articles linked. Just some thoughts.


  6. Jesus,

    I’m now reconsidering what I said yesterday. Like you said, people can get the blog posts a lot easier by having them show up in their Facebook stream. And lots and lots of people are on Facebook.

    I don’t want to have a personal Facebook account, but I think I could just get a Facebook page for the book without having to get a personal account. I could post the blog entries there which wouldn’t take much time (and perhaps basically no time if it can be syndicated) while having the chance to reach a lot more people.

    I think I’m going to look into getting a Facebook page for The Supermanager this weekend.

    Thanks again for the suggestion.


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