Say No To Gossip

It really doesn’t matter where you work, if  you work with other people you will deal with the issue of gossip.  Gossip infiltrates the workplace, the home, church, and the organizations you are involved with.  It is something that happens and it is something that can be very harmful to those involved.

There is just something “juicy” when you get the chance to hear a “tasty fact” about another person and it is not from them, but another who has either heard it from someone else, or has been told directly and felt that it was their “duty” to let others also know (betrayal of something confidential).

Just think of the magazines that make millions on gossip; People, In Touch, US, The National Enquirer, or the Star.  If gossip was not something that intrigued and lured us why do these magazines exists? People love it!

At one time or another we have all fallen into this “gossip” trap.  It is when we do not grow and learn from it, either by betraying another or being betrayed that we can become infectious ourselves.

Gossip causes devastating issues such as;

  • Lack of trust
  • Anger
  • Strife
  • Strained or broken relationships
  • Depression

In the workplace if you have gossip you can be guaranteed that people are under performing.  When they are gossiping it is obvious that they are not working and not only are they not working, but they are distracting others and keeping them from work.

As a manager, supervisor or business owner you need to take control when you know that there is  a gossip problem and make those involved aware of their behavior.  Let them know what the results of their gossip could be and that is it not tolerated.   Have a policy that your workplace is  a “gossip free” environment and that there are consequences for such behavior.

Ask your employees take the challenge to “not” talk about another person who is not part of the conversation.  Surveys on workplace gossip show that employees that are non-gossipers are secure, happy, and liked at work.  On the other hand those that gossip were found to be insecure, not liked or trusted and not very happy.

Gossip can be devastating to a workplace not only because employees are distracted and not working, but gossip can cause employees to quit their jobs leaving business owners in tough and costly situations by having to hire and train new employees.

A gossip free work environment is the only answer.  How can you do this?  “just say no”, when someone tries to tell you something that you know they should not.  Sometimes this is very hard but, you will do great if you  remember these points;

  • If you wouldn’t say it in front of the person it is about, don’t say it at all because it is gossip.
  • If you have to use a hushed tones and say “don’t repeat this” then it is gossip

Gossip may seem juicy, but it really is poison.  Take control of yourself and “just say no to gossip”.  Your workplace, home, church or organization will be more successful and the people involved in them much happier.


6 thoughts on “Say No To Gossip

  1. Great points Tina. When I reflect about gossip, I realize that to communicate is natural. However, when gossip comes around, the person sharing it is usually not happy with their own self and its used as a way of venting about someone else. The worst aspect for me is it takes me out of a positive mindset that I need to sustain and protect on a daily basis.
    Growing up we were taught if you don’t have anything good to say then don’t say anything at all.
    Thank you for bringing this up and great tips on how to handle it too!!
    All the best.


    • Hi IAB, I totally agree and I remember that great life rule that Bambi’s mother taught us “if you cannot say something nice do not say anything at all”. Only if we could remember this all of the time. Gossip is very harmful, and if we could just remember to “say no” when someone is gossiping to us, it would make a great difference to the situation. Have a great day IAB


  2. Good job, Tina.

    It’s a powerful message… Curtailing gossip in the work place is an essential element of ” good management”.

    Your message makes me think of Kandi and her perception of her work environment.

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