Do You Want To Reach Your Goals?

We all have goals and dreams, but many times we just have thoughts of them and although we may never admit it we really do not think we can achieve them.

During my training as a Performance Coach, I learned a lot about “limiting and empowering beliefs”.

When wanting to achieve a goal you need to think about what your empowering beliefs are about the goal and list them. Then think about what are your current limiting beliefs and list them.

Often we think more about our limiting beliefs, which will slow you down or stop you from getting the results you, desire.

If you find this happens to you, (which is happens to most of us sometimes) there is a great exercise you can do to work through it. Ask yourself, “What benefits do I receive from these limiting beliefs?” Be honest with yourself. You may think there are some benefits, but remember what your goal or dream is and ask again.

What keeps one from what they want is 80-90% mindset. The big factor of mindset is what you believe.

What are your empowering beliefs? These are what will get you through your limiting beliefs.

Focus on your empowering beliefs, write them down, and read them every day, do not limit the joy you can have by not reaching your desired goals and dreams.

You can do it!

Stay safe…


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