Effective Business Marketing

Marketing is a must for any business and medical practices are businesses.  There are many ways to market your practice (see link below), but one of the most effective ways to keep people coming back to your practice is with internal marketing done face-to-face or over the phone by the people who work in your office every day.

For your patients to feel special, and connect with you, you and your staff must become something special as well.  For this to happen you and your staff need to hit the bullet points on the list below.

  • When you greet them make them feel like they are top priority on the phone and especially in person.
  • Thank them for coming in and entrusting their care to your practice/business. 
  • Listen to them for feedback, what did they like or did not like.
  • If they have a business in town become one of their customers, like on FB, etc.
  • Acknowledge them in small ways – birthday, Holiday and thank you cards personalized with their name and staff signatures are always a surprise to receive and they cannot believe that you took the time to remember them.
  • Nothing ruins a relationship faster than being surprised with a bill.  Communicate clearly with your patients/clients make sure they understand the expectations of their visit, what will be owed and how your practice handles all paperwork.
  • Be caring and inform them of the foot traffic rules during this time of concern so they feel safe coming to see you.

Finally, as I mentioned above, for your patients to feel like they are special you need to be special as well.  Not just your office looking great but the people who work there need to be neat and tidy, wear a smile and love what they do. 

It is easy to spot an employee who is unhappy and really does not want to be working in the job they are in.  If they are unhappy, they will not care if your patients/clients are happy or not. (Good food for thought!)

If you want more information on Marketing and Practice Management, click the link below.

Have a great Wednesday!

Tina 🙂


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