Ask Why…

“A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts.” ~ Richard Branson

People do not want to keep job hopping until their find the “Perfect Company” to work for that would provide the three aspects described above, involving, fun and creative.

What they can do is start asking “why questions” about the job and company they work for and possibly they can turn what is an unexciting job into a very exciting job.

According to David Allen the author of “Getting things Done” and “Ready for Anything.” Asking the question “why” can lead to change in a positive way.

David talks about the value of thinking about “why.” The “why” will help to define “why’” you do what you do and what is the real purpose that you do it. Wow, is that a mouth full.

David states “the why question cannot be ignored.” When people complain or are having problems at work they need to answer “why” so that they can define what is the real issue so that they can push through it, change it, and move forward.

When you come to a cross-road or even a bump in the road at work, ask yourself why?

By asking “why?” you can define a clear and specific purpose for your daily work life.

Knowing the purpose of what you are doing is very important. People will lose interest and drive if they do not understand their purpose.

David Allen lists these six reasons why asking the question “why” has great benefits as an employee or employer.

1. Asking why can define success.

2. Asking why creates decision-making criteria.

3. Asking why aligns resources.

4. Asking why motivates us and those who work with us.

5. Asking why clarifies focus, which gives us drive.

6. Asking why expands our options where we can explore where we have never explored before.

Reading about the power of “why” has motivated me to ask the question with many things that I and my co-workers do each day. If we ask why, we just may come up with some new ideas that are going to move us ahead in the right direction, much quicker.

What can you ask “why” about today that may lead to some positive changes?

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