Creating A Habit For Change

Yesterday, I was listening to an interview with John Assaraf and he was talking about creating habits for change that we desire in our life.  As we know making changes is not always easy even when we want the change.  It is a known fact that “90% of heart patients do not stick to the life style changes they need in order to live longer.” This is such an amazing and puzzling fact because I am sure that these patients do not want to die.

John mentioned in this interview that we make change hard when we can actually make it quite simple if we just did one thing that we are willing to do toward that change each day.  The key word is “willing.”  (If you are not willing to do what you are asking yourself, then figure out what small step you are willing to do right now and do it)

Most of the time we think of the end result of the change and become defeated instead of figuring out that “one thing” we are “willing” to do toward the change today and then tomorrow and the next day.  John also mentioned, when asked by the interviewer, how long does it take to make a habit for change to stick?  He said that most experts say about 66 days, but he always goes for 100 days.

There are three things that a person needs in order to bring about change:

  1. You must be mentally and emotionally prepared.
  2. You need to be physically prepared.
  3. You must have a strong enough desire, intent and persistence to complete it.

I think the fourth thing is that you need to have a plan and know what are you willing to do each day to work toward the end result to bring on the change.  For example if you want to stop eating fried foods, you eat them 4-5 times a week and this is a downfall that you have.  Don’t stop immediately, (unless your doctor said to) but why not just eat fried foods one less time this week?  Then have a plan maybe three weeks down the road to reduce the amount of fried foods by 2 times, and work down until you have stopped eating fried foods on a regular basis.

You will feel better about yourself for two reasons, one you were able to meet your goal and two you feel healthier because you have stopped eating fried foods.

We can bring about change, we just need a plan that works for us and then stick to it until it becomes a habit.

John Assaraf

The Virtual Practice Management Institute

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